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Is a church of the Lord Jesus Christ in which the word of God is preached continuously. The name of our church was given by God in a dream a few years ago. After serving the community and making a great difference on many lives by serving through homeless shelters, hospice, nursing homes, hospitals, charity work, helping other churches with finances and reaching out to the needy. The Lord said it is time for your Ministry with the name of Peace. After continuous prayers and commitment the Lord said (Heart of Gold) *Prince of Peace* We continued to work with God caring for the needs of others, counseling marriages, opening up a cell group at our home, helping the needy, providing support, aid, and joining hand & hand on disaster teams to provide help to other countries .


Our church is commonly known as being a church that cares for the needs of others. A church where you come as you are and feel part of a church who welcomes you as part of the family. Where the Love of God is felt. We have seen miracles happening and sick people being healed. Our love for people has been shown for many years of true dedication and hard work throughout the years. Many people claim to love and to make a difference, but action speaks louder than words. We have left many love prints and many memories on many lives. Where ever  there was a need that needed to be fulfilled, we strive hard to help make that difference.  We strive hard to show people that love is shown and not just said. We strive in helping people with counseling. Then we followup with the word of God and constant prayers for our family in Christ.


Our goal is to continue to reach those who are forgotten by society in many ways. The addict, the homeless, the elders, the lost, the prostitutes.  The word of God is a constant reminder that Jesus came for the sick (Luke 5:31 Jesus answered them. "it is not the healthy who need a doctor, but the sick." We solely believe that after years of God knowing our hearts,  the name Prince Of peace meaning Jesus, Heart of Gold, the heart of Jesus, was given to us because after all, God seen our true devotion and he knew that our love came ONLY BY HIM.... COME EXPERIENCE A PLACE WHERE THE LOVE OF GOD IS FELT.

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