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Women's Ministry 

Where Every Sister Belongs

  • Live for a great purpose

  • We live to serve

  • To empower other women

  • To make a deference

  • To believe in God

  • To reach other's

  • To preach the Gospel and give hope to all in need

  • To help change the lives of many women who are feeling lonely, neglected, hurting,

  • lost and without hope

  • To do missions of Love

  • To visit the sick and bless the homeless

  • To reach women who are in the streets and into drug addiction

  • Pray for one another and impact with the love of God that He blessed us with

  • Be part of this amazing team and become a blessing in someones life

  • You were meant to stand up and stand out and use your God given gifts.  

  • You are unique in your own way and

  • loved by our King

  • Come be part of our Extraordinary women team

Women's Ministry Leaders
Veronica & Gladys

Almond Blossom
Flowers and Hand
White Theme Bouquet


Sisterhood in Christ
Tuesday Gathering


"Where Every
Sister Belongs"

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